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Perfect Bread Freak


Jimmy John's - Alfonso Fonseca

“You should see my bread. I’m not lying, it’s perfect. Even my wheat bread, it’s like perfect squares. Bread is my favorite thing to make in the store. I’m always taking pictures and comparing them. I never want a customer to think the bread is different day to day. They’ll notice it. They’ll feel it. So, I always make sure I’m serving the best of the best.” #FreakYeah

- Alfonso Fonseca, 2nd Assistant Manager, Arlington Heights, IL #748

Twins So Fast You'll Freak


Jimmy John's - Juan & Sal

"We enjoy being twins. You should see when customers walk in here. If I'm on the register and Sal is at the end of the line calling out sandwiches, they'll be like, 'How did you get down here so fast? Didn't you just take my money at the register?!' or if he's running a delivery, customers will see him run out the door, then come order at the register like, 'Didn't I just see you?' It's awesome having a twin brother, we really do freak people out." #FreakYeah
- Juan Masso (left), General Manager, Arlington Heights, IL #748
A Letter from our President & CEO


To our customers,

If you’ve ever wondered what makes Jimmy John’s so Freaky Fast®, you’re not alone. We are, in no uncertain terms, obsessed with the speed, quality, and freshness of sandwich-making.  

Jimmy John’s employees are at the store early every morning to bake fresh bread that is never served more than four hours after it is baked. We slice the lettuce daily into perfect, crisp 3/32-inch slices. 

If doing things the way we do things makes us freaks, well then, freak yeah, we’re freaks. We’re proud of it and we’re celebrating by launching a new campaign to let the world know about our freakish obsession.

Freaks care about things that regular people don’t even think about. What kinds of things? 

  1. We bake fresh bread in our stores all day, every day, and we don’t serve bread that’s more than four hours out of the oven.
  2. We use all-natural meats and fresh veggies. All-natural means our meats are minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients.
  3. Our cheese, veggies, and meats are all hand-sliced fresh daily – in every single Jimmy John’s location.
  4. Every day, we spend six hours prepping so we can make you a sandwich in 30 seconds.
  5. Jimmy Chips® are kettle-cooked in 100% peanut oil. Regular Jimmy Chips® and Thinny Chips® have three simple ingredients: potatoes, peanut oil and salt. That’s it!
  6. We have a cleaning list with 79 items that are performed daily because who doesn’t want to eat in a clean restaurant?

Visit us at Jimmy John’s and meet our awesome freaks.

All stores now have a new menu design to make it easier to choose your sandwiches and we’ve added these three new items to blow your taste buds away: 

  1. Kickin’ Ranch® – Made by hand in each store with fresh buttermilk and pureed hot cherry peppers – great for dippin’.
  2. Sliced Pickles – You’ve said you love JJ’s world’s best pickles, so now you can add sliced pickles to any sandwich as a freebie.
  3. 16” Giant Sandwiches – Freakishly hungry? We’ve added new giant 16” sandwiches to satisfy the biggest appetites.

Your support over the years has been amazing and we’ll never take that for granted. That’s why our freaks are always ready to keep freaking you out with the perfect sandwich.

Freak Yeah.™ 

So, come on by – we’ll show you Freaky Fast!®

James North – President and CEO

P.S. – Check out our new TV commercials starring some of our genuine, certified freaks doing their thing!


Go All In


Jiimmy John's - Ryan Spears

“I didn’t know if this job would work out or if I would like being on the road so much. Being in a different city every week is a huge lifestyle change. But I decided to jump into it; I went all in. I was ready for a big change. I was going through the motions at home and it was time. If an opportunity comes up, take it. And go all in.”

- Ryan Spears, Guerilla Marketer, Philo, IL

Go outside of your comfort zone


Jimmy John's - Jacob Ewing

"I've been pushing myself to do something that I'm nervous about or scared to do at least once a week. I enjoy hiking, and I read somewhere that your brain will tell you that you can't get closer to the edge of a cliff; your brain sets up a barrier saying you can't do it. But if you were to take a half step forward you're not going to fall off, you'd be okay, you'd just be closer to the edge. The more you go outside of your comfort zone, the more comfortable you become, and that's how you grow."

- Jacob Ewing, Guerilla Marketing Manager, Nashville, TN

Another Monday, Another City!


Jimmy John's - Taylor Carpenter

“I went to school in Alaska for 3 years, and loved it. I graduated high school and immediately moved 3,000 miles from home where I didn’t know anyone. My parents helped me move there, and then left, so I basically started over. But I love traveling, so I think that’s why this job appealed to me. Most people don’t look forward to Mondays, but I do. I get to hop on a plane every Monday and go to a new city and a new JJ’s location, I love that.”

- Taylor Carpenter, Guerilla Marketer, Valparaiso, IN

Life is short, you gotta live it


Jimmy John's - Gary Moss Jr.

“Don’t take no for an answer. Someone is always going to have an opinion, they’re going to set limitations and boundaries on you. You can’t do this or you can’t do that. I can qualify to be a national power lifter with one kidney and most people wouldn’t know. Eight years ago, I received a gift of life, a kidney transplant. I’ve now been power lifting for about a year and a half; I’m about 40 pounds off of the world record. Serious! I’ve been very fortunate, everything has been working great and I haven’t put any limitations on myself. You really appreciate something when you realize it can be taken away from you. Life is short, you gotta live it. So that's what I'm doin'!”

- Gary Moss Jr., Franchisee, Fort Worth, TX

Don't sweat the small stuff


Jimmy John's - Brittney Mitchell

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t stress out. Everything will eventually work itself out. Whether it be for worse or for better. Don’t let someone bring you down because they’re unhappy or they’re having a bad day. A few weeks ago my boss goes, ‘You’re one of the nicest people I know.’ I said, ‘Well you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.’ Plus, why would you wanna be vinegar? It smells! So be the honey.”

- Brittney Mitchell, General Manager, Louisville, KY #1232

Stay your own course


Jimmy John's - Anthony Brown

“I’ve had people tell me to go sell drugs, tell me to quit school…don’t listen to those people. Don’t let anybody get in your mind. Ever. Stay your own course and be yourself.”

- Anthony Brown, Inshop, Louisville, KY #1232

The Expectation


Jimmy John's - Greg Silberzahn

“I think it all comes down to our atmosphere, for real. You come into a store and see smiling faces. There’s people that are excited to take care of you; there’s people that want to give you an obsessive amount of good customer service. I want our customers to feel it. Jimmy John’s champions that kind of atmosphere. It’s not like we’re okay with being mediocre and giving mediocre service, we want everyone to get the best. And that’s not the exception, it’s the expectation.”

- Greg Silberzahn, Area Manager, Manitowoc, WI #957, #741, #1411, #2125